Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Anna Pugh and Emily smith Polybank

Some cards i brought in Somerset resently, really inspiring little chickens, Anna Pugh did the top one and Emily smith Polybank did the linocut, i really like her work, here are some more...

Chicken Drypoint etching

Theo came back from Madrid with a really beautiful drypoint etching of a wild garden. It inspired me to try it out. It's really hard work scratching into the surface of the plate but i think its worth it, i love how the lines are thick and black like charcoal. This is an old plate that i found in the scrap pile so thats what the writting on the side is about, i enjoy reusing old plates that have been scratched up and bashed about, it gives them abit more texture.

Cheeky Chicken, childrens book.

Jhon Piper

I love his colours, he makes lots of paintings of churches.. find them here.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Screen Printed Chickens.

Ive finally learnt how to screen print.

The fiddler.

Ive never really liked water coloured etching's .

Two etching plates.

Two etching plates, the man is a fiddler from gadja dilo and the woman from a modern travler article. They are both the same size, made on steel. Id like to slowly build up a few more similar characters, to sit along side each other in a series.

An Etching of a Chicken

I made this at the Princes Drawing school, they have free etching classes on a monday night and on the first session you get a free copper plate. It was really nice to explore a new studio and they have an aquatint gun which makes aquatint so much more simple!